How to choose a web design company – Follow these 5 tips

Choosing the right web design company is very important for any new web design project. Follow these 5 tips on how to choose a web design company where we guide you through what exactly to look for when you are looking for the results you are paying for.

How to choose a web design company

1. Check their website

Lots of companies claim to provide custom-designed websites, but many of them use themes or templates themselves.

Finding it is not a difficult task at all, pay close attention to the logo and the rest of the website, many times the logo won’t match.

A better way to check would be by looking at the HTML of the webpage, often the CSS files include the name of the original author of the theme or the template.

Don’t get me wrong here, many web development companies use templates and readymade themes for their clients which is fine if the project has a low budget or to save time and money for the client, but if the company itself made their own site by just using readymade themes and templates, it can be counted as a red flag.

Check what they are using for the backend for their website, it will be difficult for an average user and an experienced programmer would be able to analyze this better, but we are writing it here anyways.

Visit to know what technologies they are using.

look at their website, See if whatever they are using makes sense or not, for example, we used WordPress to build this website, because we needed a website with a blog, and WordPress is one of the best choices for building a website with a blog.

If the web design/development company doesn’t know their own needs, then they may not be able to understand your project needs either.

2. Technologies

Go through the company’s website to look at what technologies they work on. If the company just works with one technology, they will not be able to suggest to you the correct technologies you need for your project.

Companies that use single technology may target specific people to sell their services, on the other hand, companies that target a much broader market would have more experience with multiple technologies.

3. Drag and drop builders

If you are really serious about your website and your online business, avoid companies that use drag and drop builders.

Nowadays tons of drag and drop builders are in the market including paid ones, These types of website builders are usually made for people who have no website design experience.

A professional web design firm should be capable of coding design on its own.

More, using drag and drop builders adds bloat and code which your website doesn’t need, resulting in slow website speed.

4. Ask questions

Once you have found a company to hire, now it is time to ask some questions.

Ask them why they are using certain technologies for your project, they should be able to respond with the reasons related to your project.

Ask them their development process, the company should be able to layout how they develop the projects and how the development process will be for your project.

5. Authenticity

Nowadays, you can hire web development companies from anywhere in the world, so it became important to know if the company is authentic or not.

You may check the company and about us page of their website, you may find the information about the company, team or the people who are running the company.

You may further check if the company is registered as a legal business or not in their own country on government websites, this will reduce the chances of fraud.

Check if the company or its team members has profiles on freelancer websites such as Upwork, they often verify the identities of the people who work on their platform.

Check if the company website has social media pages linked to it, a genuine firm often has company pages on the social media platforms.

We hope this article answers your question How to choose a web design company, Let us know in the comments if you have suggestions about this article.

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